About Us

Simon and Rebecca Metcalfe, residents of Mosman for over 16 years, are launching their local real estate brand that they hope Mosman locals will respect and support. As talented locals, they endeavour to become acquainted with their customers – not just their name, but with them as individuals, their property history and future goals. Metcalfe Real Estate values interactions, not just transactions.

With the intention of fostering a unique chemistry with their customers, Metcalfe Real Estate considers every client’s individual needs and focuses on the important questions to fully understand your property goals. They aim to build an agency that is truly local. Simon, Rebecca and their team at Metcalfe Real Estate provide a true partnership to optimise the sales price of your Mosman property and ensure your acquisitions meet your aspirations. They know your property is one of your most valuable assets. They are here for their customers over the long term. Metcalfe Real Estate’s tailored and collaborative approach to meet your individual needs, not one size fits all, flows from their diverse experiences across multiple industries.

This fosters a unique connectivity, relationship and appeal to both vendors and buyers. They are honest and innovative, have strong integrity and genuinely care. Metcalfe Real Estate offers the opportunity to go beyond maximising the value of your property or securing a favourable purchase. Simultaneously through their partners, they can offer you more, including high yielding cash generating investment properties that provide a significant equity uplift to complement your existing portfolio.