Fundraising Sydney Kids / Opportunity International

We believe in Giving Back.

Whether that is spending our holidays volunteering in the Intensive Care department at Angkor Children’s Hospital and building houses in Phnom Penh in Cambodia, setting up trust banks in the Philippines and India or donating to worthy causes.

Sydney Children’s Hospital

Metcalfe Real Estate will provide a $10,000 donation per house, for the first five free standing Mosman Houses sold by Metcalfe Real Estate, to the Intensive Care department at Sydney Children’s Hospital. This $50,000 donation will make a significant difference to Sydney children who are suffering the most.

“The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation thank Metcalfe Real Estate for generously donating $10,000 from the sale of each of the first five freestanding Mosman Homes. Thank you for making a difference to the lives of sick kids.”


Simon Metcalfe is an Opportunity International Ambassador. Metcalfe Real Estate proudly supports Opportunity International Australia to help end poverty in developing countries – one family and one community at a time. By providing small loans to families in need, Opportunity helps them grow their own businesses and generate sustainable incomes so they can lift themselves out of poverty with dignity. To break the cycle of poverty for good, Opportunity also increases families’ access to healthcare and quality education, while strengthening communities to reduce the risk of human trafficking and domestic violence – creating a new future for generations to come.