Facebook Advertising to Maximise the Sales Price of Your Mosman & Lower North Shore Home

The team at Metcalfe Real Estate based in Mosman regularly use Facebook to provide updates to their customers and wider audience.

The team use Facebook to promote Mosman & Lower North Shore homes to a broad but segmented target audience. Metcalfe Real Estate also uses Facebook as part of the marketing campaigns to sell Semi-detached Homes, Town Houses and Apartments. This bolsters their organic posts to ensure every home sells. Facebook provides Metcalfe Real Estate with engaging ad formats and an unrivalled suite of targeting options. Metcalfe Real Estate offers its lower North Shore vendors several Facebook campaign types which will help their vendors achieve virtually any marketing objective. Facebook provides a significant advertising opportunity for Mosman and Lower North Shore Homes of every size sold by the team at Metcalfe Real Estate.

Facebook’s 1.8 billion users spend about an hour per day bouncing between Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. Luckily, Facebook makes it relatively simple to a) identify your ideal audiences and b) incite conversions through aesthetically pleasing ads. With that said, here are the top 10 Facebook advertising features that Metcalfe Real Estate will use to promote your Lower North Shore property to prospective buyers.

#1: Carousel Ads

Visual content and storytelling are the flavours of the month, and Facebook has found a way to combine both two elements with Carousel Ads. Think of them as the twisty soft-serve of digital marketing.

Metcalfe Real Estate uses Carousel Ads to explain the features of your home and showcase your Home’s Unique Selling Proposition.

Using this Facebook ad type, they can leverage:

  • Up to 10 images or videos
  • Headlines (for each image/video)
  • Links
  • A Call to Action

Metcalfe Real Estate’s marketing agent The Collective Co. will use creativity and highlight what makes your Home unique.

#2: The Facebook Pixel

Metcalfe Real Estate uses the Facebook pixel as part of every campaign. It’s how they measure unique visits, optimise their vendor’s ads and targeting, and gain insights about the Facebook users who visit their website.

#3: Website Conversion Campaigns

The objective of a Website Conversion campaign is self-evident: get people to take a specific on-site (or in-app) action after viewing your Mosman Home’s advertisement. “Action” can be defined as, well, almost anything. It could mean increased clicks on Metcalfe Real Estate’s Facebook page, more people attending open homes or more visits to Domain or Metcalfe Real Estate’s website.

#4: Behaviour Targeting

You want to target the people who are interested in your Home.

Facebook’s behaviour targeting is all about reaching people based on past purchase behaviour, purchase intent, device usage, travel preferences, and other behavioural characteristics. Facebook has collected oodles of user-behaviour data, and any data Facebook can’t track itself is obtained from its third-party data partners. Metcalfe Real Estate uses behavioural targeting to ensure that your home is in front of the right audience segments at the right time.

#5: Interest Targeting

In the same vein, interest targeting allows your Home to reach your target audience based on the things they’re interested in. This could be activities, hobbies, the pages they have liked, or a host of other things.

Facebook has collected its data on interests from:

  • Information users provide in their profile updates
  • Content they share
  • Keywords related to pages
  • Apps someone has used and liked
  • Ads they’ve clicked on in the past

Facebook will suggest interests in the ad tool. Metcalfe Real Estate will use the ad tool to ensure that your home gets in front of the people who are most likely to be interested in your Home.

#6: Demographic Targeting

Facebook also offers some impressive demographic targeting options for vendors wishing to sell their home. Location, age, gender, relationship status, education level, work, life events, political affiliation – they’re all here as you’d expect, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the most interesting demographic targeting feature available to you on Facebook is the financial option. Being able to ensure that the people who see your ad can afford your Home is a great way to trim wasted advertising spending.

#7: Custom Audiences

Remarketing is incredibly valuable. This is not news. People who see your remarketing ads are, on average, twice as likely to convert and three times more likely to engage. In other words, it’s a no-brainer. Facebook’s version of remarketing is called Custom Audiences. This gets your ads in front of three groups of people:

  • Website visitors: People who have visited Metcalfe Real Estate’s website or specific pages within a certain period of time.
  • Contact lists: People who have shared their email or phone number with Metcalfe Real

Because these people already know the Metcalfe Real Estate brand, you’ll want to use Custom Audiences to promote your Home and encourage these people to take an action. That could mean booking a private viewing instead of the regular scheduled open for inspection.

#8: Engagement Ads on Wall Posts

Facebook allows you to reach the people who react, comment, or share your stuff with engagement Ads. These people are just a small-ish subset of your entire Facebook audience. Usually, 10% of your followers account for 80% of all your engagement. By spending $25 on engagement ads, your home will reach a wider audience.

#9: Video Ads

Users watch 100 million hours of videos on Facebook every day. Video isn’t just the future of Facebook – it’s huge right now. You want to create a memorable and inspirational video to promote the unique lifestyle benefits that your home has to offer.  Oh, and the best part? Video ads are incredibly cost-effective.

Now, if you don’t think your audience will be willing to engage with full-length videos the team at Metcalfe Real Estate based in Mosman will help you consider leveraging the power of Facebook GIF ads: they’re just as dynamic, but infinitely more digestible.

#10: Lead Ads

Last but definitely not least, Lead Ads are exceptionally cost-effective and produce a significant return on investment. Creating this type of Facebook ad is a great solution if you want to boost your home’s visibility.

The worst thing you can do is send people to a painfully slow and needlessly complicated mobile landing page, where the odds of conversion are around 2.35%. People using smartphones don’t want to type in a bunch of information. They want solutions to their problems immediately.

So, when you sell your Mosman or Lower North Shore home with Metcalfe Real Estate, you know you are in the hands of experts who will maximise results for you and find the perfect match for your home.

Source: The Collective Co & Wordstream