For Sale – 50 Premier Street | Owner’s Story

As soon as we walked into the front yard of this property, we knew that it was for us! It had a level garden and no stairs! We were living in an apartment at the time and had to lug a pram and groceries up and down two flights of stairs. 

It was a tiny, boxy house that needed a major renovation but the selling point for us was the oversized peaceful garden and all the trees surrounding the property. 

The things I love about living in this area are the central location, amazing community, and proximity to the city. The local park has lots of space for kids and dogs to run around or kick a ball!  It is also dog friendly with loads of doggie friends to play with! 

As a young family, it was perfectly located to local libraries, schools and parks.  As a City worker, my husband was able to get into the city easily by bus, ferry or even drive as it is only two sets of traffic lights away from the city. 

I will miss being able to walk to a restaurant at short notice or the shops if I run short of something in the house.  We are close to ferries and the local beach.  We also loved being able to walk down to Kirribilli, across the bridge and into the city.

Some of our neighbours have been living here for decades, attended the local school, same with their kids and their grandchildren!   We have heard stories of what it was like to live here during the war and how kids used to play cricket in the street in the old days!

We are sad to leave this house, but we are also excited to move on to a new chapter in our lives