These are the Top Interior Design Trends to Look Out For in Sydney for 2022.

This year the team at Metcalfe Real Estate based in Mosman is looking to trends as a way of life, not just what’s hot right now.

With over a year of watching events unfold in the northern hemisphere, perhaps it’s not surprising that many home trends in Sydney’s Mosman and surrounding suburbs for 2022 carry a European influence – colours, lifestyle and entertaining are all reflecting a particularly Mediterranean aesthetic and, coupled with our climate and newfound yearning for freedom, things look set to remain outdoors.

Connection to Nature

The emergence of the biophilic design movement encourages a closer connection to nature in the way we’re building shared spaces. Humans crave connection with and access to nature in their daily lives. Bringing biophilic elements into the home is an efficient way to maintain that connection whilst indoors.

We are seeing this in natural timber finishes and furnishings in favour of man-made, or synthetic finishes everywhere in the home. Kitchen and bathroom spaces, including vanities, walls and ceiling linings are adopting finishes in raw timber, stone and concrete. Sustainable timber is a natural material that brings a sense of warmth and depth into your home. Bringing nature indoors with timber finishes adds texture, and movement to any space.

While marble continues to dominate in bathrooms, kitchens and smaller-scale furnishings such as coffee tables and accessories, stone is having a big moment in furniture too, with warmer tones like travertine making a splash with sophisticated, Italian-inspired elegance.

Colours of the Earth

Colour trends for 2022 also reflect our need to be close to nature, ranging from Eucalyptus and olive greens to ocre and clay browns. Even darker colours are set to make a comeback in timbers. For years American Oak and Tasmanian Oak has dominated interiors, but this year we will see darker timbers make their way into many Mosman and North Shore homes.

It doesn’t stop at flooring either. Brown is the new black, especially caramel, tan and chocolate browns combined with soft creams.

If bold colours resonate with you, they’re on their way too, but for now use them in limited amounts. Small hints of bold primary colours such as blue, yellow and red are being introduced in a sophisticated, very simple way.

Artisan and Handmade Objects

We all want to enhance the comfort levels in our homes and soft linens, textured walls and handmade ceramics have a wholesome nature to them that exude comfort and simplicity. Handcrafted items make us feel more connected and we are all seeking a better connection within our homes.

Nostalgia is driving a renewed love for handcrafted objects everywhere, as is the move to more DIY around the home, possibly as a result of weekends spent in lockdown.


Reflecting our need for getting life back on the straight and narrow, design trends for 2022 is all about geometrics and symmetry. Slim lines are everywhere, with the use of reeded glass expanding into kitchen cabinetry, room dividers, windows and doors. Tiles too are becoming more obviously geometric, with the linear finger mosaics, or “kit kat” tiles featuring in kitchen splashbacks, bathroom walls and wrapping themselves around curved feature walls.


Curves are still as hot as ever with many appearing on both external facades and interiors within Mosman and surrounding areas of Sydney. Soft, rounded shapes are appearing in homewares to break up boxy vignettes, but also continue to dominate architectural detailing, with a leaner, more direct profile cocooning our spaces in furniture, cabinetry and feature walls. Get creative and incorporate a curved wall along a hallway or dressing room. Soft curves add a sense of ease, tranquillity and fluidness to a space.

Zig Zags

With life zigging and zagging constantly, no wonder this trend is being reflected in our homes. Shapes of vessels, detailing in furniture and patterns in zig zag are just coming online now in bold colours and bright shades.

Floor-to-ceiling Sheer Curtains

Ceilings inside homes are trending to reach breathtaking heights and those walls of glass let in light and gorgeous views, but must be insulated against heat, cold and prying eyes. Enter the sheer curtain. A sheer curtain will allow you to appreciate that wonderful harbour view but will diffuse the light beautifully.

European Influences

Australians are being inspired by classic European aesthetics now more than ever. There’s something grand and character-filled about details like wicker shapes, feminine busts and vintage artwork inspired by France. The rise of rendered walls gives a nod to age-old Mediterranean architectural techniques and are being fused with Palm Beach style to create more smooth curves, both inside and out.

Decadent Dining

There is a growing urge to recommence hosting friends and family at home. People have wanted to decorate and transform their dining areas a lot more in the past 12 months. Covid-19 transformed our dining areas into a work from home area, the homework area and the dining area. People now want to invest in more comfortable seating, as well as more appropriate lighting and overall functionality.

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